What is Community Radio?

CIWS-FM, aka WhiStle Radio, is subject to the CRTC’s Community Radio Policy.

Visit the CRTC’s web site to read the entire application online, or read the CRTC’s broadcasting decision.

According to the CRTC, our primary focus is … to offer diverse programming that reflects the needs and interests of the community including:

  • music by new and local talent;
  • music not generally broadcast by commercial stations;
  • spoken word programming; and
  • local information

Local Talent

The CRTC expects us to continue to undertake initiatives to promote and feature music by new Canadian artists, local artists and artists whose music is seldom heard on other stations

If you want to learn more about community radio, check out the CRTC’s list of Community Radio Stations, or the National Campus and Community Radio Association’s website, or visit the websites of other community radio stations, such as Erin Radio and Amherst Island Radio.