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This is your “Space in Time” to get to know the host of “A Space in Time” – Late Nite Larry (Larry Wilson)……Every Wednesday night at 10:00pm.

I am a born and raised Torontonian. I absolutely love the city, always have. I worked in radio in Kincardine, British Columbia, and was host of another Internet radio station. The nomad in me had me travelling across Canada for almost two years, an experience although costly, has held no regrets.

As for education, I graduated from Toronto Film School (scholarship winner) as a Non-Linear Digital Editor/Film. While in that field I took two awards for editing/documentary. I also edited a television special on Eagles for a well known radio personality who caught the film bug himself. Did agent reels for sports agents to promote their clients, and also demo reels for directors in film and television.

As for radio, I graduated from Humber College, Media Studies/Radio Broadcasting with Honours. Favourite music is of course Classic Rock, with Classical and very few new artists tossed in when they impress me. To many sound the same and I find creativity has been watered down to make room for corporate cash grabs. A sad state of affairs in my mind.

With Classic Rock (damn, I hate labels…it is just great music), I get to share some of the most inspirational, creative artists and composers from an era where exploration was regarded as not only needed, but encouraged. I was influenced from early on in the scholastic system, having music teachers that explained harmonies, hitting notes, letting one find a path that entertained.

As a teen I worked summers, and part time to make sure I could buy tickets to some of the greatest concerts going! The Who, Led Zeppelin, Zappa, Santana, Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Grand Funk Railroad, Humble Pie, Cooper, Walsh; and so many more. Music and films have always played a part in my life. The ability to share it, re-introduce, recapture these ‘Spaces In Time’ has me intoxicated! I also love finding humour in natural life; as a society I think we provide so much to draw on, we can spurt a few lines on just what is going on and give our listeners the tunes!

Coming to Community Radio has me sitting in with an eclectic group of on air personalities that express what radio should be…variety, free form and expressive without the corporate rules and pressure to have the dollar forefront and everything else behind it. I love being a part of Whistle Radio and why not? Look at what we have here, personalized shows in a variety of genres, with myriad of unique hosts that give the listeners what they wish!

“I honestly love being part of Whistle Radio 102.7 fm” – LNL

Rock On Whistle!

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