Host a show

WhiStle Radio is always interested in hearing about new programme ideas. If you want any of your ideas to be considered you should:

  1. Take a few hours listening to the station. This will give you an idea of the type of station we are.If you live outside our service area, you can listen to us over the Internet at
  2. Know that WhiStle Radio is a 100% volunteer operation. We have no resources to pay for anything related to programming (we DO pay SOCAN, the organization collecting royalties for the music played, so you are can use any music and not worry about royalties/copyright etc.).
  3. Understand that the CRTC have got several rules that apply to community radio stations. These are complex and sometimes our hands are tied with respect to programming.
  4. Realize that when you are proposing a show, remember that you will be doing this almost every week. It is a commitment not to be undertaken lightly.

The best procedure is to e-mail Jim Corrigan, Programming Committee with your idea. He will then call you to discuss the idea on the phone. If the idea seems promising, we will invite you to prepare a “pilot show” and then we can arrange to have this produced. The pilot – or trial – show is then broadcast in a special time slot (6pm on Sundays). This gives other volunteers a chance to provide feedback on the show. If all goes well, a regular time slot will be allocated.

Please note that we are short of capacity and volunteers to help you produce new shows and we maynot be able to help you in this area.

But don’t be put off by the negatives mentioned above. People who present reasonable ideas, understand what is involved in terms of commitment and actually produce a “pilot” are almost always successful in getting a regular time slot.

Good luck – we look forward to hearing from you!